Commercial & Industrial Air Filters/HEPA Filters

HVAC Filter Service

HVAC Mechanical Cleaning/Refurbishment

Mold Remediation (MRC)

Coil Cleaning

Duct Cleaning

Paint/Coating Filtration/Dust Collection

HVAC Filter Housings/Turbine Inlet Housings

IAQ Audits/Robotic Inspections

Smokeeter/ESP Sales & Service

Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is evolving where local governments are requiring accountability for water and contaminates generated while cleaning. We are able to surface clean, reclaim, filter and reuse the water and prevent contaminated water from entering the storm sewer system.

Turbine Inlet Filtration

Air Filtration is critical for turbine or rotating equipment. Each application is unique and requires a proper evaluation prior to recommending a solution or product. We provide the following services:

• Replacement Filters
• Filter Service
• Inlet Cleaning
• Retrofit Existing Equipment
• New Housings or Acoustical Items


Oil Rigs and Production Platforms provide challenging opportunities as well as require an even more comprehensive safety protocols. We take pride ourselves for having “zero” reportable incidents since we have been in business.

• HVAC Cleaning and Refurbishment Services
• Galley Exhaust Cleaning
• UVC Products and Installation
• Safety and Hygiene Inspections (Asbestos/Noise Audits)
• Custom Ductwork

Robotic Inspection

We have a fully functional robot that can be used for inspecting or cleaning ductwork. Video of completed work or verification of work can be made available.

Air Cleaning and Dust Collection Sales/Service

Many applications require source capture of particulate or fumes. We provide complete service for particulate or electronic precipitators.

• Full Maintenance on Electronic Precipitators
• Cleaning and Replacing Electronic Cells
• Replace Particulate/Cartridge Filters